I’ve always had a passion for fabrics, lace and colors. At the same time, I was irrestibly drawn to primitive art and to voodoo, to their obscur side and to their simplicity. For nearly ten years I created unique jewelry pieces from embroidered textiles, talismen carrying secrets, worn next to the skin. During this time, from 2002 to 2006, my embroidered jewelry adorned Christian Lacroix's haute couture collections.

Following a decade of fashion and jewelry, I turned to other shapes and to telling new stories; leaving behind my “jewelry sculptures” of yesteryear to create sculptures that sometimes ressemble jewelry. Starting with a base—paper mâché, wire, or wood—I shape and decorate each piece with a variety of materials: porcelain, worn cloth and antique lace, paint, beads, semi-precious stones, plants or pieces of bark. I pay close attention to detail, fascinated, since childhood, by all that is minuscule and barely visible.

My art expresses a need to surround myself with a family, to create an imaginary tribe that is real at the same time, with its own rituals, totems, fetishes, headdresses and adornments. The link between the jewelry of my early work and today’s sculptures is embroidery: it has been and remains my script, my language, a sacred music with a rhythm all its own.

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